Interesting or useful links

My alternate, less up-to-date web site

Jonathan Mann

Timothy Mann

Research Gate

UVA EE robust low power VLSI web site

Richard Feynman’s QED lecture on U tube

SRIM – the Stopping and Range of Ions in Matter

physical constants

Mathcad demos

US Patent search link

free rice- website to test your verbal skills and feed the hungry

wolfram Alpha site

quantum physics made relatively simple

links for useful software packages
1) Adobe reader
2) Cutewriter to create pdfs from word or open office or whatever
3) MikeTex for Latex
4) Texnic center for Latex front end gui
5) Jabref for managing your references
6) screen grap pro – for capturing screen images
7) Inkscape – for handling graphic images converting bmp or jpg to eps format
8) dropbox – great software -2Gbyte for free and it syncs automatically – a must have
9) Mozilla firefox
10) perl
11) python 2.6.6 for windows
12) numpy
13) scipy
14) matplotlib
15) filezilla