After receiving his Masters degree in Metallurgical Engineering and Material Science in 1982 from Notre Dame University, Randy joined the IBM technology development team in Essex Junction, VT. He worked for 25 years in the advanced silicon technology development group with IBM. He has over 90 US patents and more than 50 technical papers in the field of semiconductor devices, microelectronic structures, circuits, processes and SRAM. His expertise includes FEOL processes, semiconductor devices, materials, yield learning, high performance logic, Iddq analysis, DRAM and SRAM technologies. His research interests include statistics of rare events, fail probabilities in advanced SRAM and innovations in SRAM design. He played a key role in the early development of self aligned silicides for VLSI technologies and in developing what is now commonly known as high density SRAM bit cell designs. Randy obtained his doctorate in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia in 2010 and then joined GlobalFoundries in Malta, NY. Senior Member IEEE.

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